Thursday, October 14, 2004

Google Desktop Search: Initial Thoughts

It looks like Google Desktop is going to be the next killer app. Google really beat Microsoft to the punch.

I just installed it on my PC a few hours ago. It installs very quickly and smoothly. The first thing it does is create an index of all your files and emails on your PC. This takes a few hours, but it does it in the background, and you can still use your computer in the meantime.

Once it's installed, any search you do at will also include search results from your PC. Beyond ordinary text files, the search includes Word files, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations, and even Outlook emails.

As an example, one search I did came up with an email as the best match. I just clicked on the link and my email shows up in my browser immediately. No more hunting through Outlook to find that email you wrote last year. There is also a reply link which will start up Outlook to compose a reply.

I highly recommend that you install this program!

Get it at


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