Thursday, September 14, 2006

More info on Google's Acquisition Strategy

Today's Washington Post has a nice article about Google's acquisition strategy. It talks about how Google tries to quietly acquire small companies in the start-up phase rather than making large acquisitions like eBay and Yahoo! have done in the past.

It has a more complete list than an earlier post of mine.

Google's Acquisitions Since Going Public

Date Company Technology

Oct. 27 Keyhole Mapping software
Oct. 30 Zipdash Traffic information to mobile phones
Dec. 15 Where2 Mapping software

March 25 Urchin Software Advertising performance
May 12 Mobile social networking
July 20 Akwan Info. Technologies Search engine
Aug. 7 Android Mobile software
Sept. 15 Transformic Search engine

Jan. 5 Reqwireless Mobile Web browsing
Jan. 17 dMarc Advertising
Feb. 14 Measure Map Blog statistics
March 10 Upstartle Web-based word processing
March 14 @Last Software 3D software for architects
April 10 Orion Search
Aug. 15 Neven Vision Facial recognition software


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