Thursday, January 12, 2006

Google Upgrades the Mini

Today is the one year anniversary of the Google Mini, a hardware product from Google which enables organizations to search their internal network. The original Google Mini can index up to 100,000 documents and costs $2,995. Today Google has introduced a version that can index 200,000 documents for $5,995 and version that can index 300,000 documents for $8,995. Previously, customers had to spend $30,000 for the full Google Search Appliance, if they needed searching capacity beyond 100,000 documents.

Apparently the Google Mini is selling well, from

"The Mini has been a success beyond what we could have imagined," said Rajen Sheph, product manager of Google's enterprise division. "Thousands of customers have already deployed it and it has a kind of appeal that we wouldn't have anticipated."


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