Monday, January 30, 2006

VoIP Inc. (VOII) signs an agreement with Google

Not really search related, but Google news nevertheless. VoIP Inc. (Ticker:VOII) filed an 8-K with the SEC disclosing that it has signed an agreement to provide Voice over IP (VoIP) services to Google.

From the 8-K,

On September 1, 2005, [VoIP Inc.]'s VoiceOne Communications subsidiary entered into a Master Service Agreement with Google Inc. to supply Voice-over-Internet Protocol ("VOIP") services. The agreement contemplated a period of trial usage to determine compatibility. During October 2005 a series of purchase orders were issued for the interconnection of production of VOIP traffic, and Registrant has now effectuated a direct peering relationship with Google for the transport of such services at multiple locations. Registrant anticipates that material sales of its services will commence during 2006. No material revenues were realized by Registrant under the Agreement during the year ended December 31, 2005.


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